Type of care

We currently offer many levels of obstetric care:

Full care

You will see one of our doctors all the way through the pregnancy. If you are a private patient, your nominated doctor will make every effort to deliver your baby.

Shared care

We can share your care with a specialist obstetrician. We will see you for all of your appointments (except weeks 20, 28, 36 and from 38 weeks). The specialist obstetrician will then do the delivery

We can share your care with your normal family doctor. This can be either a doctor from our practice or your own local doctor. We will see you at 20, 28, 36 and from 38 weeks. We will then deliver your baby

With the antenatal clinic. In this situation you will see the midwife at Bentley hospital for the majority of your appointments. You will see one of the doctors of our practice at 28, 36 and again at 41 weeks. You will be delivered by the on call doctor.

Patients who are delivering at Bentley can elect to see the Doctor of their choice. In this situation, they will be required to pay private fees. The Doctor they nominate will see them for all of their appointments and will make every effort to attend the birth.

If you are not a patient of our practice, we will provide a discharge letter for your regular general practitioner.